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Launch day! πŸš€

Hey y'all! Super excited to launch my new template:

🎯 The Flowtime Technique Dashboard β€” Manage your focus, enter into a state of flow, and study your productivity habits.

I recently got into the Flowtime Technique (as an alternative to the Pomodoro) to better manage my focus and learn about my productivity habits. If you've never heard of the flowtime technique, it's essentially a timed productivity method that emphasizes unitasking above multitasking, with the purpose of keeping you focused on a single task for as long as you need.

Since discovering the technique a few weeks ago, I've been using it almost every day, so I decided to create a Notion dashboard for it. I highly recommend you to try it out if you're interested!


β†’ Automated work time calculator

β†’ Integrated timer widget

β†’ Track and save your tasks

Click here to grab it for free!


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